Thursday, July 26, 2007

You're not gonna believe this one - False Flag Alien Attack?

I've have always firmly believed that the truth is not out there, because there ain't no UFOs and there ain't no aliens, either.

I can't help but wonder what the heck is going on, however, when I have discovered over the years that nearly every single well-funded "UFO researcher" has turned out to be a former government plant in some other mythmaking machinery. For example, I've seen convincing evidence that Whitley Streiber has been a CIA resource for many years and his entire COMMUNION shtick was an inside gag from day one.

I honestly don't know much more about it than marveling at this odd consistency ... people pushing UFO bunkum nearly always turn out to be stooges working for Uncle Sam. If I had to hazard a guess, I'd suggest this is some kind of tawdry low-rent trailer park diversion the government runs to keep people's minds off the real world and concentrated on mostly gibberish, kind of like reality television for intellectuals. I'm not sure at what point exactly that UFO studies achieved such low credibility that the entire field was abandoned to paid informers and fakes on CIA payroll.

Lately, several different sources have been warning about ... wait for it ... a false flag attack in August designed to look like the start of an alien invasion of some kind. You heard that right. Kind of like the ultimate way to divert citizen attentions away from the most corrupt administration in U.S. History.

So last week I was laughing at this stuff and thinking that's just too dumb. I'm not even going to bother putting that up on Vault-Co.

Now comes this ... a pretty substantial public sighting of something that ain't quite right in the sky. Unmanned drones with flares, being coordinated by computers to look like a fleet of UFOs in the night sky? I dunno. Preparing the public for some real whoppers still scheduled in the coming month? I dunno. These people are smart. Everybody is expecting a phony attack blamed on Iran, these guys know that so they switch to plan B : aliens are here, run for the hills, get ready to be barcoded.

If this time end of August you suddenly find yourself like Mel Gibson preparing to fend off an "alien attack," I recommend you trying putting a bullet through the "invaders" because I expect these critters are fat, out-of-work troublemakers hired by the government to run around in really crappy looking rubber and latex suits. A couple more hired to make some funny lights in the sky and generally draw the public's eyes away from the real world so we all chatter about a bunch of crap that doesn't exist instead. Consider this a heads-up from Vault-Co.

(Yes, I know this may qualify as the stupidest post I've ever blogged. I'm sorry. It had to be done.)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

... but everything is relative

One thing to remember is that an IQ of 106 means you are just about bright enough to walk and chew gum at the same time - and maybe live synergistically in an industrial culture. Below this, we're talking critters about the same level of chimpanzees, with a few perks like the ability to walk erect and perhaps mumble a few coherent words.

European Western civilization makes it all seem so easy, you'd barely guess that most of the population was just hovering around the barest minimal level to function peacefully without committing a violent and horrific crime on a daily basis. The truth is, our civilization has seemed so superior it begs to be regarded as inherently self-sustaining. It wasn't and now it is starting to show. The real story lay in the production of genius, which is higher in Europeans than any other race of men on earth. Between a handy population of savants coupled with a middle class just bright enough to be relatively law abiding and function according to the division of labor, observers got the impression this whole thing practically runs itself. It isn't as stable as Oprah gives the impression to her viewers, not a tenth.

Leftwing idiots are always describing how they are going to tamper with the basic formula, pull out the tablecloth without tipping the silverware, mix and match all kind of demographics and change the essential relationship between genders and do away with families.

Do you think if these morons (an IQ of 112 is more dangerous to a man than an IQ of 100) realized they are playing with matches in a football field filled with damp dynamite, they'd be so nonchalant? It all looks so robust and unassailable from their moronic point of view.

I favor using Sarajevo as an example. A few short years after the "Paris of the East" hosted the Olympics, it was an apocalyptic wasteland where starving wretches huddled in the ruins eating rat meat and cursing God. Another example of the natural trajectory of diversity.

Friday, July 20, 2007

The Clock Has Never Been Closer To Midnight

Itz coming.

More here on the confirmation of Vault-Co's reason for existing.

Oh my, sounds like science fiction novel from 1955

Lest you think this is still about two nations ...

By the way, even conservative estimates have placed China's nuclear capacity at well over 1000+ missiles and counting. By this time next year, several thousand.

Harvest Begins In Israel

I didn't mean to, but I started weeping with happiness while watching this, for the first time in many years.

(Link to Video of Messianic Jewish movement exploding in Israel)

Yada yada yada secular explanation from many of you no doubt ... you don't really seek to lecture me on this, do you? Remember, I was the atheist for sixteen years, I could probably make your argument for you a lot better than you could do it yourself.

The fact is, this is rapidly becoming the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. Sorry guy, but part of you knows it is true. Two old atheists like you and I always have some handy bit of sophistry, don't we? And yet ... the fulfillment of prophecy, still. There is no wisdom and no counsel before the Lord.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Temperatures Plunging To Arctic Levels In Australia

I was just outside. The night sky was never clearer, colder or crisper in all of the time I have been in Australia. It was like outer space was reaching down without the mediation of an atmosphere, to lick the surface where I stood.

Temperatures records smashed all over the continent last night, all-time lows recorded all over Oz with ten degree spreads in some places. It would be snowing here in Queensland if there was any moisture in the air, but it's dry as a bone. I tried to cover up the SparkGap construction site out back. The wind has been howling at night and gusting up incredibly, blowing off the tarpaulin. I've never seen weather like this in 16 years in Australia. Never.

It's obvious why the religion of globowarmthing appeals so much to the generation raised on Oprah. It's because it is the safest form of denial. There is a Lovecraftian horror in global cooling that cannot be expressed, it has to be experienced. The inexorable indifference of an Ice Age approaching, implacable and completely dismissive of man's existence, is the ultimate humbling in biological terms. Nature doesn't care. She doesn't care about your Starbucks or setting foot on the moon or all the little accomplishments of us little hairless apes during the brief warmth of the interglacial interim for the past 11,500 years.

Nature doesn't care. She can shrug and flick our entire species off the planet like any insect that flourishes during some indian summer and then dies as winter approaches. She's seen all types come and go. It doesn't matter if we go kicking and screaming, amidst a nuclear war over resources or some other such loud fracas as the climate changes back to it's natural condition. She doesn't have any particular disdain for us, it's just that she is indifferent and lacks even the passion to hate us. That's not nature. The Earth abides. It's life that comes and goes in a myriad of everchanging forms. If we adapt, we will live, if we spend our days trading carbon credits to fight imaginary crises that don't exist, then the overwhelming majority of us will die.

I expect the human species will survive this Ice Age. Western civilization probably will not.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ron Paul and Everybody Else

Do you know why you don't believe in the New World Order or the Illuminati?

Because you believe what television tells you. What if television is owned by such people? Is your information still trustworthy? Do you know that psychotics and sociopaths know perfectly well that most humans believe we're all the same deep down and that none of us really means to harm other people? You think they are restrained by normal codes of human conduct, but they aren't. They know that. That's what makes them predators and you their prey.

If you knew even 0.05% of what I knew about Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani, you'd know that there isn't a moment they're off camera they aren't bellowing in deep, satanic comic-book villain style laughter at how dumb the average human being is. Not a moment. Some of these moments have been unwittingly caught on tape, despite their being told they were on closed circuit television.

Hillary Clinton is a practicing lesbian Satanist working towards a one-world order. She doesn't even like men. Most Illuminati do not have normal sexual drives at all. She wears an occultist pendant over her heart at all times that is a phoenix emerging from fire to be reborn, an ancient freemasonry symbol. If you had heard her even once unguarded you'd realize all of this about her.

Here's a moment she didn't realize her speech might be recorded. It will probably give you a very creepy THEY LIVE vibe. Whenever I see something on tape like this it makes me wish I was Rowdy Roddy Piper and I had a pair of those sunglasses.

(Link To YouTube)

Friday, July 13, 2007

Nothing Is Scarier Than Converting From Fringe Nut Into Prophet

You wouldn't believe how cold it's been in Australia some nights. Nothing like the changes occurring in the Northern hemisphere, which is a reason I am glad I live here. We don't get glaciation in Australia which means even if the worst Vault-Co predictions come true, we'll still be able to survive relatively intact as a society, because others have done it in previous Little Ice Ages and perhaps even major Ice Ages. This is the reason it is so important to me to get my permaculture underground lab going, to grow food in.

You won't survive, however, if Robert Felix is right and you suddenly wake up one morning under seventy stories of snow in North America.

Guess The Remaining Hours For The West

Would you ride in a rocket with a sign like this out front?

How long do you think this society really has left?

With leaders who think "tomorrow" has two "M"s in it?

Sit with me in front of the television for two hours, I'll show you a dozen misspelled common words coming over the televitz device. Words that used to be rated for second graders. Remember, these people have automated spell-checking software! You gotta laugh, because otherwise you'd just cry and cry until you burst your spleen.

We were watching a spelling bee on "Big Brother" the other night - none of the house inmates
could spell ANY of the words correctly! Mostly twenty somethings with college degrees!

The funniest thing I have heard lately is somebody cracking that if God doesn't judge the West soon, he'll have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah. I don't think God will have to apologize to either of those wicked cities for their fitting ends.

What Was "Apocalypto" Really About?

I talked to a guy on the phone I have not seen in three years today. It was about some new work I might have starting next month.

The last time I saw this guy was over lunch some three years ago, I was in fine form. Somebody managed to wind me up talking about immigration into the U.S. and I went into one of my semi-fugue states where I just did this super rapid super verbose little monologue schtick thing I do once in a while when I've had a good night's sleep and a decent meal. I was firing on all cylinders and honestly half the crap I was saying I barely understood myself it came out so rapid fire. Some people at the lunch table were staring at me while I was talking as if I had suddenly sprouted tentacles and a second head like one's of John Carpenter's monsters in THE THING.

Anyway, the general thrust of my little speech over a club sandwich was that Australians do not understand the general character of people from other countries. Wherever they look they simply project images of themselves onto others ... others who are in fact so utterly alien and different from them that they would probably crap in their pants if they really understood their perspective. I focused mainly on the innate qualities of the people of Latin America, using my salad fork to illustrate how Mayan priests slashed the hearts from up to 40,000 captives a day on their pyramids to placate the Sun God, then threw the decapitated bodies down the steps where they were caught by the supplicants at the bottom and cannibalized on the spot, often without cooking the "meat." Several people were shaking their heads. Nobody had ever talked about anything like this in college. Weren't the Mayans those people who played Rollerball or something and wore colorful head ornaments?

When I finished breathlessly and looked up, I was getting that look I have seen before from twenty or so of my coworkers. They basically thought I was mad. Maybe I would have agreed with them. I tried to laugh it off and just finished with, "Anyway, you can imagine people capable of living like this probably would not be all that biologically similar to you and I. Just the fact they could live these lives, institutionalize this kind of horror to the extent it was no more unusual to them than you and I getting an extra large Coke at 7-11. They just would not be the same kinds of humans we are." Then I quieted down and finished my club sandwich, staring at my plate and yes, a bit embarrassed. I had let a bit of my Vault-Co enthusiasm leak out of my overheated brain in front of people I work with which I tried to always avoid.

The poor Aussies hadn't the slightest clue of what in the hell I was talking about. Nothing, zip, nada. They didn't get it at all. Of course, they wouldn't!

So three years later, a guy who was at that table calls me over an unrelated matter. He asks how I am doing, tells me he misses my great rants sometimes.

He says he saw Apocalypto, Mel Gibson's flick. I had only seen it myself a couple weeks ago.

"I hope you won't take this the wrong way," he said, "but it wasn't until I saw that movie it clicked for me what in the hell you were talking about that day. That movie was one of the scariest, most horrific things I think I have ever seen. The freakin' Mayans, if they were anything like portrayed in that movie, must've been positively demonic creatures. I never gave this kind of thing much thought until I saw that film." He then paused for a moment, swallowed, then continued. "Just being blunt, frankly 1200 years ain't enough distance between me and the descendants of the people in that film. That guy Jaguar Paw wasn't a bad sort, I liked him. But the goddamn Mayans, if they really went around capturing other tribes for the express purpose of religious sacrifice .... sheese, man, that's just barbaric. That's savage and weird stuff, there. If multiculturalism is a good thing, then what about Mayan culture? Or African voodoo?"

He paused a little again. I could hear a bit of ambient noise over the phone, it almost sounded like voices whispering. "Really, man, that film scared the hell out of me. Maybe some cultures shouldn't be celebrated at all, compared with what we got here."

Hmm. See. People will think. Eventually. The question is, will it really matter anymore when they get around to doing it? I don't think it will matter by that time. It won't matter at all.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ready To Go Through The Looking Glass?

You may think we post some pretty far out stuff on Vault-Co. Sometimes we do. Everything is relative. The truth is, most of the stuff we post here is nearly as plain as the nose on a man's face. It only sounds weird to a person who reads and writes at a 2nd/3rd grade level and has spent the past thirty years of their life deriving most of their information about the universe from watching TV. There are a lot of people, numbered mainly amongst those who read, write and think well, that wouldn't be much surprised by anything that was ever posted up here. The problem is there aren't many people like that left in the world.

This is going to sound far-out. You need to read it and think about it. It may very well answer an awful lot of questions about life, the universe and everything. Forget about all the partisan squabbling, ethnic nepotism and other petty corruptions that infest the festering ruins of what was once Western civilization.

What if we were to present a kind of unified theory of decay that explained the primary reason that all societies decline and collapse, usually within two centuries of being founded? What if there was a common link that neatly wrapped up the primary principle that governs the decline of human societies? I think recently a lot of people have started to figure it out. I personally may have been just another idiot chopping at the branches of evil, I think this new paradigm may be hacking at the root.

What if I told you that the end-to-end history of a society was a curve describing one single graduated change, a delta that passed through all the points that we routinely list as symptomatic of failing societies? What if there was a common meme that explained the entire thing in one neat sentence?

Big enough buildup? Ready yet? Here we go.


Yes, sometimes this migration isn't even of the same ethnic group that founded a civilization. Often the psychopaths of one ethnic group will prey on another in the midst of it's decline by replacing them slowly through a process of elimination. In other societies, psychopaths from the same gene pool will irregardless betray their own people - because ultimately a psychopath has no allegiances to anyone, of any kin group. The only good for such a man/woman is what is good for them.

The process by which psychopaths and sociopaths gradually come to replace real humans throughout institutions is properly called the study of pathocracy. Sometimes pathocracies claim to be freedom loving, but most of the time they masquerade under socialist and marxist umbrellas of supposedly altruist motives. The pathocracy is essentially a crude affair tied to the simple biology of dominance that can be seen in any tribe of primates. It may have a thousand different forms, all of them designed to one end - to control others, foremost their money/resources / property, followed by their minds and even perceptions. Socialism is a pathocracy by it's very nature, despite it being a response by psychopaths to cure ills that they themselves manufactured to justify socialism to begin with.

A society has not reached the final stage of pathocracy until even people born genetically normal or mentally healthy are themselves compelled to behave in psychopathic or sociopathic fashion in order to survive in a civilization ruled by them. In other words, where at long last, honesty is the worst policy of them all. Such a society cannot last long by it's very nature, no matter how brutal. It simple does not have the prerequisites to remain stable before disintegrating into internal power struggles and final chaos.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

You Lose The War In Your Head First (2)

Your feet betray you, cowards, your words mean nothing to me

... we are getting all of these people here in Australia and each and every one of them, to a man, looks like that leader of the fleeing tribe in Mel Gibson's APOCALYPTO ... they SMELL OF FEAR. NOTHING LESS THAN RAW TERROR.

I nod my head politely when they explain the reason they migrated out was because of the weather or the transit system or the loss of civility.


You can see the fear in their faces. It's an animal that is being hounded by a pack of dogs intent on bringing it down.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

You Lose The War In Your Head First

Antonio Gramsci was right. Fix their heads so they couldn't even fight back if they wanted to, then you destroy them. Everything is just post-mortem after you train them to hate themselves. You have to screw their minds up so badly they can't see anything that is not first passed through the lens of Marxism, after which they are their own worst enemy.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Blithering Madness - "Stealing Energy" From The Sun?

Holy cow, these nuts are so far off their gourd they can't stop drooling long enough to pull up their pants. Remember, a short time ago talk like this would make you eligible for a permanent program of electroshock and lithium syrup.

All of this pretend science is what you do when it dawns on you three years into your degree that you have no aptitude for science and probably shouldn't even be taking it as your major. It's the consolation prize for edjumificated people who will never have the actual discipline to practice real science. Get published with this crap nowadays, get another grant, goof off for four years until the money starts to run out. It beats honest work.